Does eating a cold spoonful of ice cream or sipping on a hot cup of coffee cause you discomfort? What about when you walk outside during our Colorado winters and that icy-cold air hits your teeth? Ouch! The culprit could be overly sensitive teeth, and unfortunately this condition is all too common. In fact, Dentistry Today reveals that one out […]

If you can relate to these situations, you might suffer from sleep apnea: When you wake up you feel tired, even after a full nights’ sleep. Your family members complain about snoring or mention that you stop breathing during the night. The Facts According to the American Sleep Apnea Association (ASAA), some 20 million adults are affected by this […]

Emergency: A serious, unexpected situation requiring immediate action. Dental emergencies: can often consist of: re-attaching a veneer or crown, attending a knocked out tooth, or performing an emergency root canal or extraction. This is Not a Test! Emergencies can occur any time and without warning. This holds true with dental emergencies. When do you ever plan to […]