Mercury-free and metal-free restorations offer ideal modern treatment options

Metal crowns and fillings have held a common place in dentistry for decades. However, now you have an alternative means to the unsightly restorations. With metal-free restorations, you’ll enjoy the benefits of a more natural appearance. Dr. Owens offers metal-free restorations to not only enhance the appearance of the restoration, but to offer numerous benefits traditional metal fillings can’t offer.

Natural Appearance


Metal-free crowns and fillings give you the most realistic natural appearance. Instead of being made from metal, the fillings and crowns are made from a composite or ceramic material that closely resembles your tooth. Porcelain can even be stained to perfectly match your teeth, giving you a beautiful smile.

Strong and Durable

The metal-free fillings and crowns are durable, so you can eat with confidence. These restorations are longer-lasting and can strengthen and protect your teeth. Unlike metal fillings, composite fillings bond the tooth together and can strengthen a tooth weakened by decay or a chip or crack. In addition, metal fillings often have “leakage”. This occurs when metal fillings shrink and allow bacteria to seep in between the tooth and the metal filling. Decay can then occur under the filling and the tooth can be compromised. While the fillings and crowns are durable and made to last for years, it is still important to continue to visit the dentist every six months to keep your teeth clean and your gums healthy.


In addition to mimicking the natural appearance of your teeth, metal-free fillings also don’t contain mercury. While the American Academy of Dentistry sates levels of mercury in metal fillings is minimal and can be considered “safe” for use, many remain concerned about using mercury in fillings. With composite fillings, this fear is resolved as the composite resin is completely free of all metals. This also makes them the perfect option for those who are sensitive to metals or have metal allergies.

The Environment

Amalgam fillings are very bad for the environment and a concerning pollutant.The amalgam can pollute water in dental clinics (luckily we are amalgam-free!) and can also pollute the air when disposed of. According to the EPA, mercury in the environment can cause brain damage and neurological problems, especially in children and unborn babies.

Safe and Effective During Pregnancy

Since the fillings are mercury-free, they are safe for patients of all ages and can resolve a number of oral health concerns. Using mercury-free fillings is especially important for pregnant women, where mercury fillings can increase the risk of brain damage and neurological disorders for their unborn baby. Now, pregnant women don’t have to put their oral health needs on hold as the metal-free fillings offered are a safe alternative with minimal health risks.

Metal-Free is the Way to Be!

Dr. Tim Owens proudly offers metal-free fillings and crowns while delivering comprehensive dental care. We offer a number of dental restorations, including fillings, crowns, bridges, and cosmetic bonding to ensure your smile lasts for years. Our main focus is always to keep smiles as healthy as possible, he will restore your smile and help prevent future problems!

If you’d like to learn more about the benefit from metal-free restoration, contact us today for a consultation.

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