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First class service from the bottom up. Having moved around much of my life, I’ve seen my fair share of dental offices — this is by far the best I’ve been to. Dr. Owens has surrounded himself with a very friendly and courteous staff that keep the patient’s best interest in mind. Honesty and integrity are major qualities I look for in a dentist, and Dr. Owens excels in both. I’m quite impressed with the quality of care he and his team have exemplified in every visit to his office. Anyone looking for a dentist in Northern Colorado — this is where you need to go.

Aaron J.

I am a lifelong dental-phobe who found herself needing a front tooth reconstructed after chipping it in a fall. I found Dr. Owens and staff after a long online search and couldn’t have been happier! The staff at the front desk was upbeat, friendly and knowledgeable, put me at ease immediately, and had me speak with the dental staff to answer all my questions and make sure I had an honest idea of cost before the appointment (they were open about my options and what that could mean for cost and I appreciated feeling like I knew what to expect). The office is beautiful and has lots of soothing touches that calmed my nerves and made it a lovely place to be. Dr. Owens immediately struck me as a person who truly loves what they do and he Jessica did an amazing job giving me my front tooth back! They kept me well aware of everything they were doing and kept checking in to make sure I wasn’t in any discomfort. By the end of the appointment I had had a painless visit with a few laughs and walked out happy to have found what will be my new Dental Practice! Thank you Dr. Owens and your entire staff for taking such incredible care of me and my smile!!!

Christine B.

Dr. Tim Owens has done more for my TMJ disorder in a few short weeks than any other dental specialist I have seen in the last 4 years. I used to have severe popping and pain from a compressed TMJ. Dr. Owens assessed my jaw, my joints, and my bite and proposed a conservative, yet effective plan to treat all of my symptoms. I love his approach and how he is dedicated to creating a natural and beautiful aesthetic. I wish I had found him sooner! After years of pain and experimental strategies from other “top” dentists, I am finally without pain and jaw popping after treatment with Dr. Owens. On another note, the staff is exceptional! Everyone from reception to the hygienists and assistants is wonderful and very caring. I also enjoy the small, intimate atmosphere. I know everyone by name. You won’t find groups of people swarming around in some oversized dental “corporation.” You work with the same people every time. Dr. Owens and his staff prioritize you, the patient, and will only advise what’s necessary to achieve optimal dental health. I couldn’t be more thrilled with my experience.

Krista I.
I have been a patient at Dr. Owen’s office for about 10 years and I always come back, and always recommend them to others, because this is the best dental office in Fort Collins. Dr. Owen’s is incredibly knowledgeable and very detail-oriented. Attention to detail is very important to me! The staff here are all fantastic and the hygienists do fantastic cleanings. The office environment is friendly and welcoming. Believe it or not, I actually look forward to my dental appointments here.
Tammy C.

I love going to the dentist because I love my dentist! Dr. Owens and his staff are amazing – they are all so attentive and sweet, they go out of their way to make sure you are comfortable, make sure they call everyone by name, and make them feel special.
I honestly have always been surprised when people say they hate the dentist, because I have been going here forever and been very well taken care of by the whole staff, particularly one member I saw last Thursday – her name is Megan. She was very thorough, very attentive, and extremely kind. She made sure I was comfortable the entire time, asked questions to help personalize my care, and kept the conversation going the whole time. It’s that kind of care that I get every time I go in there that you just don’t get anywhere else.
The office staff is amazing, and the whole office seems to have a unique family dynamic and it shows in the quality of their work. They really do all care about what they do, and they are the best in town by far. I could not thank them enough for their quality care. Keep it up!

Sarah S.
I had the pleasure of visiting with Dr Tim Owens and getting a root canal taken care of. Him and his ENTIRE staff was AWESOME! Their customer service is incredible, how I was treated and talked to was amazing – the best experience I have ever had, visiting a dentist. The best part was how Dr Owens communicated with me during the entire procedure, made sure I wasn’t in pain and his assistant Jessica was so caring! Sarah has been so helpful dealing with insurance, and we all know that is never fun… Leah (dental assistant), I reached out to over the weekend and she made sure on Monday morning that someone from the office would contact me, trying to get me in- and sure enough Monday at 9:00 I was able to get in! I would recommend them to ANYONE, ANYTIME! Thank you all for such an incredible first time experience, and you all know I will be back 🙂 Thanks
Jamie D.

I was referred to Dr Owens after avoiding the dentist for nearly 16 years. Dr Owens took the time to go over any concerns I had before ever sitting in the dentist chair. He always takes time with his clients and makes you feel comfortable. He even laughs at my dumb jokes. I completely trust his opinions and his staff whenever I visit. The office is staffed with professional hygienists that are just as caring as Dr Owens. After numerous cleanings, check ups and a couple fillings, I couldn’t recommend a better dentist. It’s truly professional care in a family environment. If you’re looking for the best dentist in Northern Colorado, look no further!

Chris B.

I hate going to a new dentist. I’ve got bad teeth and dealing with the pushy sales of so many dental businesses (Comfort…cough, cough) is tough along with embarrassment. My experience with Tim Owens along with his staff was a completely different experience.

Sara first greeted me on the phone and she was incredibly nice and treated me with a lot of care and sympathy for my broken tooth that was causing me immense amounts of pain. They were able to somehow get me in that day. The same goes for when I arrived. Sara was very pleasant and the dental assistant that got me started was Leah. She was very nice as well.

After a short exam with Leah, Dr Owens came in and was very sympathetic to my situation. Being my first visit there, he obviously brought up the fact that I would need some serious work, but he understood that I could not afford to get all this work done immediately. Rather than push that, he offered a few different possible solutions to my current situation and we decided on a root canal. He was very up front with what was entailed along with what types of discomfort and pain I may experience. The procedure was a root canal…and well, it was a root canal, but he and Leah made sure to keep me as comfortable as possible during the procedure.

I dealt with a great deal of pain the few days after the procedure and he and his staff were very accommodating and were very caring to make sure I was recovering properly.

I cannot say enough good things about Dr Owens and his staff. They provide professional care along with a wonderful bedside manner.

Desmond Y.

“Honest. Professional. Clean. Friendly. I highly recommend Tim and staff who epitomize what we all want in a dentist. Top-notch equipment, skill, and technology combined with excellent service and LOTS of smiles. Highly recommend!

Note: They are particularly adept at charming terrified children (and adults) with the same dexterity as (insert your favorite cuddly emotional super-hero here).”

Ben K.

“Dr. Owens and his staff are FABULOUS!!! They help me with my dentist phobia, and are kind, funny, and professional. I love them.”

Linda M.

“Dr Owens and his staff are the absolute best. He does impeccable dental work and my teeth look amazing. I had major dental work that needed done. I’ve seen many dentists, and no one has ever cared enough to see that my dental work gets completed. He’s worked with my financial situation. Most dentists I’ve seen don’t care about my cosmetic concerns, but Dr. Owens does, and he’s made my smile look great. I appreciate them and am so grateful I found this dental office.  The office is relaxing and comfortable, they have pillows and I Pods for you to listen to while getting work done. He is a great shot giver and his work never hurts me as he’s gentle.  So happy I found them!”

Kristi N.

“If you need a top notch Dentist and staff, Dr. Owens is the person to visit. He is a very caring and skilled Dentist who will be honest with what needs to be done, but leave you with the utmost confidence that he will take care of you. His staff is extremely friendly and professional and help ease the anxiety and tension that so many people experience when going to the dentist. From scheduling to the appointment to working with insurance, Dr. Owens and his team have the patient’s best interest in mind and are truly industry experts. I would highly recommend Dr. Owens and his team to anyone looking for a dentist in Northern Colorado!”

Nick M.

“I have seen Dr. Owens for about a little over a year and have seen him numerous times. Dr. Owens is very caring about your dental health. Dr. Owens doesn’t give you the harsh grief that a lot of dentists will about how much you brush and floss. I have had a horrible time with my teeth and he has accommodated me above and beyond. He gets I am a college student and works with me to get my teeth the proper health while knowing that I can’t afford a lot. Every time that I have had to come in on an emergency he always finds at least 5 minutes to talk to me about what is going on. Also his entire staff is so nice! They have taken the time to get to know me and actually remember what I told them the next time I see them. I highly recommend Dr. Owens! A great man and a great dentist!”

Hillary K.

“Best dental experts in Colorado. Everyone at the Dr. Tim Owens office makes patients feel comfortable. Best customer service of any dental office I have ever been to.”

Candace B.

“Dr. Owens Dentistry is a practice that can be trusted. The staff is friendly, honest and you can expect to be taken care of the right way. The honesty behind Dr. Owens and his team is exceptional which makes it all that more enjoyable. They are flexible with scheduling and prioritize your well-being. I highly recommend Tim Owens and his team- it has been the best Dentistry experience I have had.”

Bekah J.

“First time at the dentist in 6+ years, Dr. Tim was great. No pain and nice people. Fit me in around my busy work schedule and family, easy to work with. Found our Colorado Dentist!”

Matt R.

“I have been a patient of Doctor Owens for nearly five years. From regular cleanings to a dental implant, the combination of a friendly office environment and the use of the latest dental techniques makes the often unpleasant dental visit enjoyable -OK, the procedures still are not enjoyable but the friendly staff is great!”

Brian W.

“I would highly recommend this office from the all the staff to Dr. Owens they were all AMAZING!!!!!! Dr. Owens attention to detail for cosmetic dentistry is superb I also enjoyed his fun easy going personality making my visit very relaxed. I would highly recommend this office if your looking for a great dentist and friendly professional staff.”

Brandi O.

“My family has been going to Dr Owens for 11 years. Best dentist we’ve had, and having lived in a number of places around the county, we’ve had quite a few dentist to compare him to. He and his staff are professional, friendly and available when you need them. And to top it off, he’s a genuinely nice guy!”

Rob M.

“Love this dentist. Dr Owns and staff are always friendly, caring, efficient and the office is a welcoming place. I come all the way from Wheatland, Wyoming to get my dental work done with no regrets.”

Jane S.

“I have been to many dentists in my life (military brat, yay!) and this has by far been my best experience. The front office staff are so friendly, the hygienists are so sweet, and Dr. Owens really sat down to get to know me during my first consultation. I’ve never had anyone take that much interest in my teeth, ever! Ha! It was a great experience, I will recommend this team to anyone who asks.”

Elizabeth Z.

“If you are looking for a fantastic dentist, Dr. Tim Owens is the one. His cosmetic dentistry skills are absolutely amazing, he and his staff are very friendly, and his office is state of the art. I live in California and my daughter attends Colorado State Univ. She slipped on ice and broke her front two teeth in half. She was devastated and feared that she would never again have the same beautiful smile and teeth. We didn’t know anyone in Fort Collins and searched the web for a cosmetic dentist. Dr. Owens credentials were impressive; his staff was friendly and accommodating, and his customer reviews were great. So we decided to give him a try. What I didn’t know was the impact he would have on my daughter’s life. His staff was friendly, reassuring, and fit us in the day we called. Dr. Owens took hours working on my daughter and was able to perfectly rebuild her front teeth. His artistic craftsmanship was stunningly amazing! He was able to view a zoomed-in photo of my daughter’s teeth off my smartphone and recreated her teeth perfectly! You cannot tell she ever broke her teeth. Dr. Owens is our new family dentist. If you need a dentist look no further, Dr. Tim Owens is the one. Give him a try; you will be glad you did.”

Paul B.

“Dr. Tim Owens and Team are amazing! They all really go the extra mile for their clients. Sarah, their office manager made appointments work with our non flexible schedule and has been so kind to help with our insurance process and explanations along the way. The whole staff is both professional and personable and we will continue to return with our whole family.”

Sarah G.

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