Family Enjoying the TO Savings Plan

The TO Savings Plan at Owens Dental

It’s time to make your dental health the top priority

Dr. Owens and Dr. Packer believe that all patients should receive the best care possible and the TO Savings Plan helps make this a reality!

This discount plan is our thank you as well as our way to help make high-quality dentistry more affordable and accessible. This savings plan also helps those with limiting insurance plans, and many patients have seen significant savings after dropping dental insurance and utilizing the TO Savings Plan instead.

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The Goal: To focus on what’s important for your health by providing:

Significant Savings

Patient-focused care

No deductibles

No waiting periods

High-quality dental work

No annual maximums

No dealing with claims & denials

No exclusions

The TO Savings Plan allows you to combine two significant discounts:

10% Discount for paying in full on the day of service

10% Discount for paying by cash or check

The Details

  • Patients must have no dental insurance
  • The discount is valid on dental services, but not dental products (toothbrushes, toothpaste, etc.)
  • Payment must be in the form of cash or check to receive the additional 10% discount
  • Debit and Credit payments, in full, receive a 10% discount
  • CareCredit payments do not receive a discount, but we do sponsor your payments to our office to be interest free for 12 months.

What we ask of you

While there are no strings attached with the TO Dental Savings Plan, we do ask that you help us out in a few ways so that we are able to provide our high quality work at a discounted rate…

Please help us reduce missed appointments by keeping scheduled appointments. (We understand that sometimes emergencies come up, but please give us ample notice so that we can give your spot to another patient.)

Please refer your friends and family! The benefit of us being in network with insurance is that insurance companies send us patients, so by offering this program we hope that you can share it with others who don’t have insurance! This program is designed to make high quality dental care more affordable. Our “marketing” to help sustain this program with new patients comes from you, so we truly do appreciate all of your referrals.


We are so grateful for your trust in us:

a referral is the highest compliment we can receive!