Sedation Dentistry Fort Collins

If you’re one of the many people who find going to the dentist stressful, there is an easier way! You may have heard of sedation dentistry or ‘painless’ dentistry that uses nitrous oxide, oral sedation or IV sedation dentistry techniques to transform what can be a very stressful procedure into one that’s comfortable and you’ll probably barely even remember. Easy, safe and painless, you’ll be in a relaxed but awake state throughout your dental procedure so that the oral work you that you need can be performed without the anxiety. In fact, almost all patients who undergo sedation dentistry are so pleased with their experience that they’d choose it as a treatment method again. So, if you’re looking for a better way, Dr. Owens is the best sedation dentistry Fort Collins has to offer.

Sedation Dentistry Fort Collins

Sedation dentistry is the practice of performing any sort of oral work when the patient is under the influence of medication that calms and relaxes them. You may also hear it referred to as ‘relaxation dentistry’, ‘sleep dentistry’ or ‘painless dentistry’.

Sedation dentistry is not the same as a local or general anaesthetic which can carry higher risks. Instead, one of many different sedative drugs are used that depress the central nervous system to alter your state of consciousness so that you feel comfortable, relaxed and safe during the procedure.

There are three different levels of sedation from minimal to moderate and then, deep sedation. Each of these refers to the degree of relaxation that’s experienced and how well the patient can respond to both verbal and physical stimulation. People who are minimally sedated are less anxious but still respond easily to most stimulation. Under a moderate sedation, the patient will feel even more relaxed and only respond to definite stimulation. In deep sedation, there usually isn’t much response to stimulation at all.

Most dental patients find that sedation dentistry performed at a minimal or moderate level is more than enough to reduce their anxiety and make the whole experience much more pleasant.

Another great thing about sedation dentistry is that recovery doesn’t take very long. Depending on the level of sedation used, you may be back to your normal state within 30 minutes before being allowed to go home with a companion.

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Sedation Dentistry Fort Collins

Fort Collins Sedation Dentistry Benefits

The main benefit of sedation dentistry is to make you feel more comfortable and stress-free during your dental procedure. Therefore, it’s great for anyone who experiences general anxiety about going to the dentist to get the necessary dental care you need. Being sedated during the procedure also means that your dentist can concentrate fully on the procedure without worrying about your well-being. Because you won’t remember the procedure and won’t feel any pain or anxiety, sedation dentistry can also help to reduce the severity of dental phobias over time.

However, sedation dentistry isn’t just a great option for those who fear the dentist. Patients with generalized anxiety disorders or other conditions such as post-traumatic stress also benefit from using sedatives during the process to reduce the influence of ‘triggering’ stimuli. It’s also ideal for anyone who suffers from medical issues that can make dentistry difficult. By relaxing the body, things such as an extreme gag reflex are also reduced to make procedures more pleasant, fast and straightforward.

Sedation dentistry is also recommended because, unlike anaesthesia that often causes side effects including headaches, vomiting and sore throats, very few patients experience any side effects at all. It also comes with a much shorter recovery period so you’ll be able to return to your normal activities sooner.

When you’re using any type of sedation dentistry, even long and complex procedures will feel like they only lasted a few minutes. This means that your dentist may be able to do more work in a single session to reduce the need to come back for multiple visits and reduce your overall cost.

With sedation dentistry Fort Collins, there’s no need to feel like you’re like you have no control. Throughout your procedure you’ll still be able to respond to questions and requests that your dentist asks to make sure that you remain comfortable and calm through a much easier procedure.

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Types of Sedation Dentistry

  • There are a number of ways that sedation dentistry can be administered. These include:
    • Inhaled sedation (nitrous oxide) – Nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas, is combined with oxygen so that you can breathe it in through a mask that’s placed over your nose and mouth. Sedation using nitrous oxide is a form of minimal sedation that does tend to wear off quite easily. However, your dentist can control the amount according to your needs. You may even be able to drive yourself home after having nitrous oxide.
    • Oral sedation – Oral sedation can be delivered in any dose from minimal to moderate. Most of the time, you’ll be required to take a pill about an hour before your dental procedure. After taking oral sedation, you’ll begin to feel drowsy and you may even fall asleep if you’re given a moderate dose. It’s usually easy to wake you with a gentle shake though.
    • IV sedation – IV sedation dentistry involves giving you a sedative drug directly into a vein. This type of sedation works quickly and results in a moderate level of sedation. It’s also easy for your dentist to adjust the dosage throughout your procedure as you need it.

    Regardless of which type of sedation you receive during your dental procedure, you’ll usually also be given a local anaesthetic to numb the specific place in which your dentist is working. This will help to ensure that even in a relaxed, sedated state, you do not feel any pain. A local anaesthetic will typically be given after your sedation has started so that this doesn’t cause you any stress or discomfort either.

    It’s important to note that general anaesthesia is not considered a type of sedation. During general anaesthesia, you would be given a drug so that you lose consciousness and become unresponsive to pain. However, this technique is not what’s usually referred to when discussing sedation dentistry Fort Collins.

Is Sedation Dentistry Safe?

Regardless of the type of sedation you’re having administered, it is considered to be a safe and effective procedure when performed by a qualified professional. Dr. Owens holds a IV sedation license and was one of the first to offer Fort Collins sedation dentistry making him well-experienced in this field.

As with any medication, it’s important to talk to your dentist about your medical history including the details of any other medication that you’re taking. Your dentist will then be able to determine which method is best for your age, sedative needs and current health. Sedation dentistry can be used for children and teenagers. However, you may not be able to receive sedation dentistry if you’re currently pregnant, intoxicated or have some types of glaucoma. If you suffer from sleep apnea or impaired lung, kidney or liver function, talk to your dentist about this too.

Although sedation is generally safe, there is a small risk of experiencing side effects and complications such as nausea and vomiting. These are rare though and are more likely to occur in people who smoke or are overweight. However, you’ll be informed of any potential side effects before you agree to start the procedure.

As per the American Dental Association’s guidelines, while you’re sedated, your vital signs will be monitored. This will include keeping an eye on your heart rate, blood pressure and breathing rate throughout the procedure to ensure that you’re safe and remain in a relaxed state. Your dentist should always have oxygen and drugs that reverse the effects of sedation on hand just in case you need them although this is rare.

How Will Sedation Dentistry Make Me Feel?

The goal of sedation dentistry is to make you feel comfortable and at ease during your dental procedure. Soon after the sedative has been administered, you’ll start to feel drowsy and pain-free. Some people describe experiencing feelings of euphoria or like they’re somewhat drunk. Depending on the level of sedation used, you’ll most likely still be able to speak and interact. However, you’ll appear relaxed and unconcerned with what is going on. Most people don’t recall or have very little recollection of their dentistry procedure after the sedative wears off. You might feel drowsy for up to a few hours after the procedure.

What does IV Sedation Feel Like?

Although IV sedation dentistry (a moderate sedative) is also sometimes called ‘sleep dentistry’, you won’t actually be asleep. In fact, you’ll usually still be able to understand and respond to your dentist even though you probably won’t remember anything once the sedation wears off. The IV sedation mediation will be delivered through a small needle that’ll most likely be placed in the back of your hand. When the sedative is injected, most people describe it as a slight pinch or scratch followed by a slightly cold feeling. After that, you might start to feel a little light headed and then the next thing you know, you’ll be waking up with your procedure completed.

Does Insurance Cover Sedation Dentistry Fort Collins?

Despite the many benefits that sedation dentistry can provide and the fact that it’s often the ‘only’ option for those who have a dental phobia or other anxiety-related condition, most insurance policies don’t cover Fort Collins sedation dentistry. This is because it’s currently considered to be a ‘luxury’ treatment that isn’t necessary for good oral health and hygiene.

However, even if your dental insurance policy won’t cover the additional cost of a sedation dentist, in some situations, it may be possible to get them to cover all or some of the cost. This includes cases where a disability or a medical condition such as epilepsy or cerebral palsy that means that you wouldn’t be able receive the dental treatment you need without being sedated.

Because your insurance company is primarily concerned with the overall cost of your dental treatment, they may also be more likely to approve your sedation dentistry Fort Collins procedure if sedation will result in a smaller total cost. An example of when this may be the case is when we’re able to perform more work in the same amount of time to reduce overall number of visits and subsequent cost of the treatment you’re needing.

If you’re thinking of having Fort Collins sedation dentistry performed, talk to your insurance company about the terms of your plan. In general, it should be easier to get your insurance provider to cover less expensive options like oral sedation. If they do approve cover, always be sure to get this in writing before starting treatment.

In cases where your dental insurance provider won’t cover the cost of your Fort Collins sedation dentistry treatment, talk to us about other options. We’re happy to work with you to maximize your insurance benefits and can contact your provider to ask for further information about the best way to get your procedure approved. Failing that, we do also provide financing options that will still allow you to get the treatment you need and deserve.

The Top Sedation Dentistry Fort Collins has to Offer

If you’re looking for the best sedation dentistry Fort Collins as to offer with ample experience and qualifications, we can help with any of your painless dentistry needs. During your initial consultation, we’ll take the time to talk to you about your specific situation to find the best sedation dentistry option for you. In our Fort Collins sedation dentistry clinic, we can perform procedures using the best oral sedation or IV sedation dentistry techniques.

Although we understand why having dental work done may make you anxious, it’s our priority to make sure that your oral health is well looked after to prevent larger issues from occurring in the future. If you’ve got any questions about what makes Owens DDS the best sedation dentistry Fort Collins has to offer or want to book an appointment, contact us today.