Dental Emergencies don't have to be stressful

Fort Collins Emergency Dentist

A dental emergency can be a stressful situation. Fort Collins Emergency Dentist,Tim Owens will do his very best to get you pain free the same day you call. We understand and are here to help! We make it our priority to do everything we can to get you out of pain the day you call. A number of common dental problems develop gradually over time. However, others, such as a cracked or chipped tooth, can occur suddenly without warning. Immediate attention is often necessary to prevent further complication.

Symptoms indicating you may need a Fort Collins emergency Dentist:

  • Injury that causes a tooth to crack, break or chip
  • Sudden or persistent tooth pain
  • An object lodged between teeth
  • A crown has come off of a tooth
  • A filling has come out of a tooth
  • Severe tooth sensitivity
  • Injury that has dislodged or knocked out a tooth (if this is you, please seek care immediately! There is a chance the tooth can be saved if placed back in position within half an hour.)

Fort Collins Emergency Dental Treatment

Dental emergencies are treated according to the situation and its severity. Infection and inflammation may require antibiotics and restoration of the damaged tooth. A filling or crown may be used to repair chips or breaks. Although treatment varies, our goal in treating dental emergencies is always to resolve pain as quickly as possible!

Are you nervous about receiving treatment for your dental emergency? Ask about our sedation options.

Are you hesitating because of how much your visit will cost? We have an Emergency Exam Special to help make emergency care more accessible. In addition, if treatment is required we work with many dental insurances and offer the TO Savings Plan for patients who don’t have insurance.

Have any questions? Feel free to call our office or click below –  we’re here to help!

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