Protect your teeth during the day and at night

Fort Collins Mouth & Night Guards

Protect and guard your smile 24/7.

A custom mouth or night guard can protect your beautiful smile from trauma, jaw pain and tooth clenching and/or grinding.

Custom-made mouth and night guards protect your smile around the clock.

Mouth and night guards can protect your smile from wear and tear, grinding and potential loss of teeth. We create custom mouth guards for our sports-playing patients of all ages. For our patients who grind their teeth while they sleep, we also offer custom-fit night guards.

Fort Collins Mouth Guards

Mouth guards are commonly worn for sports or other physical activity to protect your teeth from trauma. Your Fort Collins mouth guard protects your teeth and the soft tissues such as the tongue, lip, or cheek lining, which could be bitten or punctured during activity.

Fort Collins Night Guards

Night guards are designed to be worn during sleep. Fort Collins night guards are frequently used to prevent teeth grinding or teeth clenching. Night guards can also be incorporated into a TMJ treatment plan to protect the teeth from damage. The night guard can help to stabilize the bite during sleep and alleviate the symptoms of TMJ disorders.