The first step in oral health is a comprehensive exam

Fort Collins Comprehensive Care

Dr. Owens is a firm believer in taking a comprehensive look at each patient’s oral health. He believes that having a healthy mouth and a healthy body are closely linked, as recent medical research has shown. Through this proactive approach to dentistry, Dr. Owens looks for warning signs and risk factors early. His goal is to help address any areas of concern before problems arise.

Helping you maintain a healthy smile

Dr. Owens’ extensive training in comprehensive demonstrates itself in your initial exam, when Dr. Owens will take a thorough look at your dental situation. With a focus on patient education, he and his knowledgeable team go above and beyond in providing education, tools and resources to help you become more informed about your oral health and dental situation.


Components of a Comprehensive Exam



Dr. Owens takes a thorough look at your overall oral health including a thorough examination of your teeth and periodontal (gum) health, jaw joint and muscle evaluation, and an oral cancer screening.


If you have recent x-rays, we can contact your previous dentist to obtain copies of them. Otherwise, we can take complete x-rays here in our office. We will also take photographs, as recommended by the AACD, to aid Dr. Owens in the comprehensive evaluation.

Diagnosis & Risk Factors

Based on the images and exam, Dr. Owens will inform you of any diagnosis of current conditions. He also analyzes your risk for tooth decay, periodontal disease, and dysfunctional occlusion, and advises you on steps you can take now to prevent future issues.

It is always better to prevent disease than to treat it.