Dr. Owens will make surgery as comfortable as possible

Oral Surgery

Having a tooth pulled is never fun, but you can rest assured knowing that you will receive the very best care, provided by the team you already know and trust. Dr. Owens and his team will do everything to make your visit comfortable and painless. However, if you prefer to be asleep during the procedure, we also offer a few different options for sedation.

Extractions & Removal of Wisdom Teeth

Our goal is always to help you keep your teeth, but in some circumstances a tooth cannot be saved and must be extracted. In addition, many patients opt to remove wisdom teeth if there is not room for them in their bite.

Reasons to Consider Removing Wisdom Teeth

  • Wisdom teeth are impacted
  • Not positioned correctly
  • Decayed, sometimes involving pain or infection
  • Danger to adjacent teeth
  • When they not able to be cleaned properly
  • To create more efficient and stable orthodontic outcome

Looking at having your wisdom teeth removed? Many patients opt for IV Sedation so that they can sleep through the procedure.

Do you need to have a tooth removed because of decay or fracture?

If so, you may want to consider options to replace that tooth. Problems tooth related to functionality and chewing, jaw joint problems, shifting teeth, and bone loss can arise after extraction of a single. In some cases, the patient isn’t sure if they want to replace the tooth at the time of extraction, so Dr. Owens will recommend placing a bone graph. This fills in the space left by the root of the tooth extracted so that an implant placed at a later date will be more successful.