We can make your dentist visit comfortable and stress free

Fort Collins Sedation Dentistry

Introducing a comfortable and stress free alternative to dentistry.

We offer various types of Fort Collins sedation dentistry so that each patient can find a way to receive care that fits their specific needs. Regardless of your situation, Dr. Owens and his team will take the time to listen and learn about you so that they can make your visits relaxed and anxiety-free.

Sedation dentistry has allowed many local Fort Collins patients to receive the dental care they need. Patients who were previously not able to tolerate dental work because of anxiety, fear, gag reflexes, etc. can easily overcome these restraints with sedation. Dr. Owens offers a few different options for sedation dentistry and he and his team can find the perfect fit for your situation at your first appointment.

Reasons to Consider Fort Collins Sedation Dentistry

  • You experience dental anxiety
  • Overcome medical issues (extreme gag reflex, etc.)
  • Related phobias
  • Comfort during a longer procedure

Fort Collins Sedation Dentistry Options

Fort Collins IV Sedation Dentistry

IV sedation is a popular option for local Fort Collins patients with extreme dental anxiety or a health condition that has previously prevented dental work. With IV Sedation, a medication is administered directly through the blood stream. Patients experience immediate relaxation and comfort. Dr. Owens has completed extensive education and training to obtain his IV sedation license and was one of the first in Fort Collins to offer sedation dentistry. Sedation dentistry is safe and effective and patients report very little to no memory of the procedure. Another reason that patients prefer IV Sedation Dentistry is that this form of sedation allows Dr. Owens and his team to treat the patient more efficiently, so that they can complete extensive treatment in one visit, instead of scheduling multiple appointments.

Fort Collins Oral Sedation Dentistry

With this option, sedation can be administered at a lighter level through a prescription taken by local Fort Collins patients. In this form of sedation the strength can be closely controlled, depending on the level to which the patient would like to be sedated. For example, one patient might only want enough oral sedation to take the “edge” or anxiety away, while another patient may prefer heavier medication so that they will sleep through the procedures.


20% of Americans experience enough dental anxiety to only go to the dentist when absolutely necessary.

Maintaining routine dental exams and cleanings is crucial to your oral health and can help prevent larger issues in the future. We are here to help our patients with anxiety so nothing stands in the way of their health. Questions about which sedation dentistry option is right for you? Please don’t hesitate to call; we would be more than happy to help you find the perfect solution to overcome your dental anxiety.

“I have an extreme fear of the dentist but Dr. Owens and his staff are so compassionate that I felt comfortable with them to get the dental work I needed done.” — Felicia