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3 Great Reasons to Smile More in the New Year?

Happy New Year & Welcome to 2017! If you’re working on your New Year’s Resolutions, we would like to offer up a rather unconventional suggestion…smile more! Let 2017 be the year that you release your beautiful smile – you’ll be surprised how much it can brighten your year and here’s why:


1. Smiling Increases Happiness and Reduces Stress

We smile every day, but often don’t realize how much smiling positively affects our health and happiness, as well as that of everyone around us! Smiling is proven to reduce stress and increase happiness. Oftentimes smiling is looked at as a result of happiness, but it goes both ways. If you’ve ever wondered why, it’s because smiling releases endorphins and serotonin, two of the major chemicals that cause happiness. Not only does smiling trigger happiness-it also helps reduce stress, lower blood pressures and strengthen the immune system. When smiling the body is more relaxed, causing stress reduction which leads to a stronger immune system. Another study suggests that more smiling can also be associated with lower cortisol levels, which is another factor in reducing stress and strengthening overall health. More happiness and less stress? That sound like a pretty good deal!


2. Smile: You’re More Likely to Get the Job

Smiling helps in many aspects of the workplace as well. During job interviews it is very important to smile as smiling shows confidence and friendliness, as well as other qualities that employers are likely to be looking for. It can also show that you are a positive and happy person, passionate about what you do and you would improve the workplace with your positive energy. Even if you’re not trying to land a new job, smiling can help out at work. Smiling can be contagious! Smiling more at work can greatly improve the work environment for you and your coworkers which, as we’ve just learned, can help increase happiness and reduce stress. Another way that smiling helps in the work place is that those who smile often are actually more likely to get promoted in jobs than their less-smiling peers. Can you believe it? Well, start smiling and let us know how it goes!


3. Smiling Makes You More Attractive!

Smiling also causes people to be more attractive and naturally beautiful. Studies find that 70% of people find smiling faces more attractive than faces with makeup. This is partially due to the fact that smiling can actually cause people to look younger! The muscles used in smiling naturally lift the face, so smiling is a sort of natural, free face lift. As we’ve mentioned, smiling is contagious, so others around you receive the innumerable benefits that come along with smiling as well. Through smiling more, we can all be healthier and happier! So, when setting your New Year’s resolutions, don’t forget to add this one to the list. Good luck!

As always, thanks for reading and feel free to contact us with any questions. Happy 2017! 🙂

“Smiling is a happiness that lies right under your nose”

– Tom Wilson

Creating Beautiful Smiles

If you are not smiling with confidence, now is a great time to do something about it – start the New Year out with a new smile! According to Dr. Owens, “with all the new technology it’s a great time to be improving to improve your smile – from simple whitening procedures to more complex cosmetic restorations there are so many possibilities.” For more information, talk to your dentist about the options available to make your smile beautiful!

Cosmetic Dentistry at Owens Dental

Having a smile that you can feel confident about can influence so many different aspects of your life in a positive way. Here is what a few cosmetic patients of Dr. Owens have said and you can continue reading on our testimonials page.

“If you are looking for a fantastic dentist, Dr. Tim Owens is the one. His cosmetic dentistry skills are absolutely amazing, he and his staff are very friendly, and his office is state of the art.”

– Paul

“I would highly recommend this office from the all the staff to Dr. Owens they were all AMAZING!!!!!! Dr. Owens attention to detail for cosmetic dentistry is superb I also enjoyed his fun easy going personality making my visit very relaxed. I would highly recommend this office if your looking for a great dentist and friendly professional staff.”

– Brandi

“Dr Owens and his staff are the absolute best. He does impeccable dental work and my teeth look amazing. I had major dental work that needed done. I’ve seen many dentists, and no one has ever cared enough to see that my dental work gets completed. He’s worked with my financial situation. Most dentists I’ve seen don’t care about my cosmetic concerns, but Dr. Owens does, and he’s made my smile look great. I appreciate them and am so grateful I found this dental office.  The office is relaxing and comfortable, they have pillows and I Pods for you to listen to while getting work done. He is a great shot giver and his work never hurts me as he’s gentle. So happy I found them!”

– Kristi

So remember, 2017 is the year to SMILE! 🙂


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