Dr. Tim Owens, Family Dentist in Fort Collins, CO

Do the first notes from Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony sound in your head when you hear the words “going to the dentist”? If so, you’re not alone. Dental-phobia is a common ailment, but… how revolutionary would it be to realize that it doesn’t have to be that way? Is it possible for a visit to the dentist to feel like less of an obligation, a nuisance, or something to be feared… and more of a pleasure and a joy?

Absolutely. And here at Tim Owens, DDS, we’ve built our practice around that belief. In fact, we make it our priority to provide you with personalized dental care, tailored to your particular situation. In some offices, it can feel as though who you are as a patient is overlooked in favor of a procedure-centric approach with a focus on the practice’s bottom line. But in our office, we want you to know that you, the patient, are our bottom line. If you’re searching for a new dentist, know that here, both you and your teeth will find a place that feels like home.

Other things we wish you knew before your first visit?

We listen.

Nobody likes feeling invisible or ignored. At Tim Owens, DDS, we want to respond to your questions and concerns with the personalized attention you need. Scared of feeling pain during your appointment? We’ll numb the area or even offer sedation options to make your visit as comfortable as possible. Have a fear of needles or prefer to power through? We’ll offer alternatives for you.

We’re not a conveyor belt.

We value first and foremost the relationships we build with our patients, and we’re not here to push you through procedures you don’t want or aren’t comfortable with. Here at Owens Dental, you, the patient, have primary control over your dental situation. When the doctor prescribes treatment, he does so in the best interest of your oral health, and it’s not a mandate; it’s a chance to chat about different treatment options, learn about prevention methods, and discuss what’s best for you. Personalized dental care is not simply possible, we make it our priority!

We’re on your side.

Complications involving insurance claims can make even the most relaxed person irritable. We want you to know that we will fight with and for you, not against you, in your insurance battles. We’ll appeal claims that should be covered, but aren’t, and do our very best to help you optimize your insurance plan. And if you aren’t insured, our TO Savings Plan or financing options provide options so we can work with your budget to ensure you still get the care you need. You’re not alone. We’re here to help.

We’re friendly!

We love talking to you and getting to know your story. We understand that you are more than your teeth; you’re the person behind your smile, and helping you become a part of our patient family is our favorite part of this job.

Would you like to hear and read what other patients have to say about their experiences at Owens Dental? 

Have any questions or ready to come see us? Give us a call at (970) 377-2557 – we look forward to seeing you!

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