Invisalign can improve your smile

Crooked, gapped or crowded teeth — they don’t do your smile any favors. But once you’re past the age of 16 or so, you probably feel like you missed the boat on metal braces. In fact, many adults live with the effects of imperfect alignment simply because they are unwilling to undergo the stress or embarrassment of traditional orthodontic treatment. But we’ve got good news for anyone who can’t bear the thought of metal braces: Invisalign! Offered conveniently at your dental office, Dr. Owens can help straighten your smile!

Invisible Braces straighten teeth (without everyone knowing about it)

Invisalign and Clear Correct are FDA-approved orthodontic systems that use clear plastic aligners to gradually shift teeth into their preferred position. It’s a convenient, attractive-looking option that gives you the beautiful smile you want, often faster than traditional braces.

How Invisalign works

When you decide invisible braces are the option for you, you’ll come into our office for your initial visit. During this appointment, Dr. Owens will thoroughly examine your mouth, take a series of x-rays and impressions and put together a treatment plan, unique to your situation and goals. He’ll send this important information off to the lab, where a team of experts will carefully craft your series of aligners.

Once you’ve received your first set of invisalign or clear correct trays, you can begin treatment immediately, advancing to a new tray in the series every two weeks — one big step closer to your new smile each time!

Why Invisible Braces

The benefits of Invisalign are significant when compared to traditional metal braces. We’ve listed a few of the most common advantages here — but we’re hearing new benefits from satisfied patients each day!

  • Flexibility: you can remove the trays whenever you like, so you can eat and clean your teeth just the way you always have. Additionally, you don’t have to restrict your diet or learn any new cleaning techniques. Just wear your trays for 20 to 22 hours each day as recommended, and you can continue to live your life the way you always have.
  • Invisible braces offer freedom from the dental chair. Sometimes, conventional metal braces can leave you feeling like you’re chained to your dentist’s office. But with Invisalign, total treatment time is often greatly reduced, and you’ll have fewer checkups overall. That means you spend less energy going back and forth to the dentist, and more on enjoying your life.
  • With Invisalign’s smooth, plastic trays, we’ve never had anyone complain about pain from a broken off wire or loose bracket — and we’re pretty sure we never will. In this regard, invisible braces offer far more comfort than traditional braces ever can.

Interested in invisible braces? Let’s get started!

If you want to straighten your teeth more discreetly than you ever imagined possible, you’re ready for invisible braces! Contact the office of your Fort Collins dentist, Owens Dental, to get started. We can’t wait to hear from you — request your appointment online today!

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